Marcatore industriale Propen Tag Cube Gruppo Distributori Italiani ⇓☎️☎️☎️☎️☎️☎️☎️⇓ 00966-58-291-9333 00966-59-870-2222 00966-59-870-4444 Unifide number 00966-9200…


Unifide number
French Brand ProPen provides an easy retail solution. Tag Cube engraves gifts and tags with in-store personalisation.

TagCube is the height of compact engraving technology. TagCube engraves text or symbols onto items and gifts to create unique, personal gifts. Ideal for use on metals and plastics: lighters. pens. jewels. tags. makeup. badges. labels.

TagCube offers immediate results. No need to outsource your engraving orders. No need to postpone delivery until the items have been engraved. No need for a computer. Suitable for retail use with any person with no technical background.

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