How to make and apply iPhone 6 plus skins? ————- للطلب والتفاصيل زيارة الموقع – “خدمة…

للطلب والتفاصيل زيارة الموقع – “خدمة عملاء اونلاين بالعربي رد مباشر على استفساراتكم”
احصل على كتيب وفيديو شرح عربي + دعم فني اونلاين عربي
Mobile & Laptop STICKER SOFTWARE and machines.

now design and make a customised phone stickers in less than 5 minutes.

The process is very simple:
1. enter the image U want to print /or choose one of the available designs
2. print the sticker
3. laminate the sticker
4. cut the sticker with the plotter
5. stick it to the mobile!

and U are done!
this package is suitable for small to medium business owners. it can be operated in a very small shop, or even a house.

get innovative!
Innovative Fittings

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